Minecraft Mod Herobrine

Minecraft Mod Herobrine. This mod adds in a herobrine bossfight that is much more difficult than any seen before. There are as mentioned above also herobrine infected mobs including pig, cow, chicken wolf and fox.

Herobrine Mod (1.7.10) Minecraft Mods
Herobrine Mod (1.7.10) Minecraft Mods from www.minecraftmods.com

510k downloads updated aug 13, 2021 created dec 24, 2019. The classic mod for 1.7.10. He also has 1,000 health points (500 hearts), so good luck on battling him, he's powerful, and fast.

The Legend Of Herobrine (Forge 1.16.5) By Alexmaclean.

I think sometimes when you get close he'll attack you. Go to minecraft, the main menu will appear. There are 3 types of herobrine 1.herobrine 2.herobrine miner and 3.herobrine stalker.

The Herobrine Mod Official 3.6 ;

He only attacks when you hit him. In both mods herobrines are activated from the minecraft creative mode through. 510k downloads updated aug 13, 2021 created dec 24, 2019.

Adds Herobrine To Minecraft With An Emphasis On Adventure And Exploration.

Make a 2×2 gold block outline. He is one of the major community icons of minecraft, yet herobrine has not been present in any version of minecraft. This thread was marked as locked by sunperp.

Version 1.0, Can Have Some Bugs.

This bossfight will have 3 phases, although since the third phase is so destructive and more difficult than the previous 2, it is able to be turned off in the config. To use the mod installer, you will need a modgician account. The mod will work in forge 1.16.5

Since Most Herobrine Mods Weren't Actually Turning The Game Into A Horror Game, I Decided To Do That, By Making My Own Herobrine Mod, Which Basically Acts As A New Horror Game Mode In The Game!

Put a mossy cobblestone in the middle. You need to craft the herobrine curse activator, the recipe is shown below. In the second mod, you can immediately get a group of sinister mobs and then fight with them.

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